Patient update 24th February 2022

Dear Patients

Following the Prime minister’s announcement that covid restrictions are to be relaxed, we feel that it is important to highlight what to expect at the surgery.

This will be the same for many surgeries around Milton Keynes.

When you come into the surgery building you WILL STILL NEED TO WEAR A FACE MASK. If you have severe anxiety, you can wear a face vizor.

This is for the following reasons

  • There are a lot of people who are still anxious about covid, and we want them to feel that the surgery is a safe place for them to come and have much needed care.
  • There are a lot of vulnerable patients who need to come in for much needed blood tests/ dressings.
  • When someone is ill, the last thing they need is to come in and become exposed to covid in the building.
  • We have a small number of staff who are classed as clinically vulnerable including their families and we want to provide them with protection as well
  • If a doctor or nurse becomes ill with covid due to contact, it means a loss of highly needed appointments for more than a week, as you know we are already struggling with trying to accommodate the high volume of calls for appointments on the day.
  • This is a kind request from all the doctors and the team, so please do not shout at our receptionists.

For some masks are annoying and some people are fed up. Please do not burden us with complaints about the above as we need to put our time into giving care to patients.

We would be grateful if you could please bear with us and have some courtesy to respect those around you.

If you believe you have COVID please do not come into the surgery for any routine appointments.

Thanking you again for your cooperation as always

Dr Withanage & The Team at Walnut Tree.